Where we expect Gratitude, there only we experience ungratefulness…..
Such behavior of Human being makes me exasperated
The one who is with you, for pleasure or in grief, Without her there is no life in the party.
“The Bottle”
As Party gets over she is shown way to Dustbin or Junk…….
This Ungratefulness of Human being is always A Matter of Concern to me  and
This gave birth to thought process that, I started looking at them with different angle and found beauty  In those Thrown, Broken Used Things…..

I Am Always Grateful To that GOD Almighty who gave me this sight to find inner Beauty In the used and thrown away things by Human…….

Where Its Been The Life of party or thirst Quenching Water Bottle or Tyre who Runs with us for Thousands of Kilometers In our Different Emotions….. Have We ever think that what is going after their service gets over and will give experiences to the world…….

I Pray to God  That Let me have this sight till I become Useless and thrown away to this Universe

May that God Almighty help me and give strength to fulfill this Dream of Mine…………girish dhamane modified final